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Really 4.5 stars. I see a lot of comments about the office communication, and they’re right, I had trouble getting them to relay information to my instructor. That said, Jeremy was a really good instructor and made the lessons engaging and easy to understand. I feel like I needed to know a lot of what they taught and it was really helpful to get this information. It’s also nice that the class includes the final drive at the end so you can earn your license with someone who at least knows you.


I had Jeremy as an instructor and at first I thought that he was really scary and wasn’t a good instructor. By the end, I realized that he was just looking out for us and trying to make us better drivers, which I think he really succeeded at. I learned a lot more than I thought that I would and had a great time. The drive routes got a lot easier and I feel ready for the final. If you are looking to become a safe driver, this is the course for you.


Scott is a great teacher. He is calm, and clear, and confident. He is honest and prepares his students to pass the test and drive safely. I enjoyed learning from him and have gained much experience from our drives.


I took 3 lessons. Magic and Scott were great and very nice and informative. Made me feel comfortable and safe driving. Scott gave me a rundown of what exactly they look for at the DMV driving practice. Highly recommend taking with Scott or Magic. Scott especially for new drivers. Jeremy sucked. He had me driving for an hour with a flat tire and had an attitude the whole time. He is Bigfoot incarnate himself and gave me references that worked for his height but not mine. Unhelpful. Stank breath.


I had 3 appointments with Scott to prepare for my driving test (which I just passed yesterday!). I am 42 yo and held a fear of driving for a long time. I was a passenger in an accident years ago and though I’ve had a desire to drive, my fear had kept me stuck. Scott made me instantly comfortable. He provided clear instruction, was encouraging, but also firm in his delivery.


I had a great experience with 1st Learn To Drive! I started with almost no prior experience and poor self-confidence. My instructor, Scott, excellently explained the theory and was calm and understanding during all the drives I had with him. I passed my test after 3 2-hour lessons with Scott that occurred within 1.5 months. Lessons are 100% worth it! I've certainly became a more confident driver and am not anxious anymore about driving. I highly recommend Scott and 1st Learn To Drive!💓


Super cost-effective driving school, highly recommended. I'm get my drive license from different country few year before. But I'm still scary to drive. I forget how can start car. When I search Google drive school. Wooo . I'm glad I find very good price and good teacher. Amanda and Felicia was very nice to me. I can go high way now. That'sCool .....olala..oye..... I'm happier thanks for help me

Dc Live

Scott is a wonderful instructor. I had been procrastinating getting my license for the longest time due to having a lot of anxiety about driving. He instantly put me at ease and was very thorough and helpful. I never felt unsafe when driving with him, and I passed my test after 3 lessons!


i highly recommend 1st learn to drive. Arona cool instructor,he is back. I'm appointment with him 2months before, he help me get my drive license . Thanks for everything. I had good time

USA Derek

VINCE!!! We truly got our moneys worth with this one. Every drive day I’d be jumping up and down, ready to learn how to drive with Vince in the passenger seat. Please give him a papaya once your course is over, he loves those. I knew I would never crash with him as my instructor.