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Teen Driver Ed Class Starting June 18th

Teen Program starting. We encourage all teens in surrounding areas of North Clackamas school district including Milwaukie, Rex Putnam, New Urban, and Clackamas high schools to sign-up.

Schedule | Milwaukie Drivers Education Classes

Permit required before 1st day of class

Parent and Student Orientation (Mandatory by Law):

Class Description: (Monday’s and Wednesday’s)

  • (11 classes) 34 Hours Classroom / Theory 6PM – 9PM
    • June, 28th,
    • July 5th, 10th , 12th, 17th, 19th, 24th, 26th , 31st
    • August 2nd
  • (11 drives) 6 Hours (Minimum) Behind-the-Wheel + 6 Hours observation (on the weekends).
    • July  8th , 15th, 22nd, 29th
    • August 5th
  • Final drive test flexible but projected for Saturday August 6th or August 12th.
  • 50+ Hours Independent Driving with Parents | Relatives | Family | Friends (see practice driving log below)

Cost: $320 sign-up on-line

Classroom Location: Milwaukie Recreation Center (Address: 5440 SE Kellogg Creek Dr, Milwaukie, OR 97222)

WAITING LIST for next Teen Driver Ed Class

Drive Schedules:

The Teen Program is designed to build a safe mindset and adequate skills. We build upon the philosophies of safe driving habits to give you or your student a learning experience free of ‘bad habits.’ This program includes classroom lessons, behind-the-wheel lessons, observations, and more.


We encourage you to enroll your student that has driving permit in the Teen Program. We truly believe that new drivers who have completed a Teen Program are better equipped with the knowledge and skills they need to stay safe and make wise decisions.

A growing trend in America has been the use of a Parent-Teen Agreement.

Waive the Drive Test:

Oregon DMV will waive the Drive Test for all teen students that successfully complete this ODOT approved Driver Education Course.

Get a Driver’s License while still under age:

Oregon DMV Teen Driver can get a Driver’s License while still under age of 18 without going to the DMV for driving test. We are ODOT certified for all Public or private Schools to perform Teen Drivers Education. View the current schedule of teen Drivers Ed classes, or sign-up on-line.

Practice Driving Log:

Practice Driving Log. Print and use this log to keep track of your teen’s behind-the-wheel practice and their progress toward becoming a safe driver! LINK to PDF.


*Scholarship of $75 for eligible for low-income students available.

Our company was featured recently in the news. We want to remind everyone to drive safe.